Born in 1984 outside of Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger... especially dreams.

College was an opportunity to concentrate on the fundamentals by studying graphic design. Projects started as the basic variety, but I began to integrate learned concepts into fashion design. I have always had a different look on life, and it showed through my projects. My senior project, a fashion show of reconstructed clothing, revealed the synergies of my college education and my passion. 

While interests range from casual to formal, my first line of clothing is birthed out of the reconstructed theme from my senior project. Fashion can reflect culture or define culture as it expresses the individual. The reconstructed theme breaks out into a men's and women's line. Playing off my last name, the men's line is "bad manners," while the women's line is "miss manners". These are designs that are expressive, creative and unique, allowing the individual to create a look that is subtle yet detailed, comfortable yet structured, understated yet recognizable, classic yet contemporary. 

Bad Manners for men and Miss Manners for women. Clothes that reflect the mannerisms of today's fashion.